The Rules of the Road

When I started this blog, I didn’t have a very clear picture of what I wanted to do with it. All I knew was that I wanted a place to write some informal essays that could be read and enjoyed by anyone with Internet access; my previous attempts at blogging had all taken place within various social networking sites.

After awhile, I looked back at what I’d written, and I noticed some trends. I thought they worked pretty well, and I decided to stick with them. After I’d used them for awhile, I thought it might be nice to let other people know what I was (at least most of the time) trying to do here.

So here are my “Rules of the Road”:

  1. Essays should begin with some sort of timely reference. This reference can be a current event, a news story, or something more personal, but I need to somehow answer the question of why I’m writing about a particular topic at a particular moment.
  2. Essays should move beyond the timely reference to speak to a larger philosophical point. The timely reference is meant to serve as a jumping-off point into larger issues, concerns, or thoughts that will hopefully resonate with a wide audience. If all I’ve done is talk about myself, I haven’t done enough.
  3. Essays should be of sufficient length to dig deeply into the issues. If I’ve got less than about a thousand words, I need to keep grappling with the issues. There are always multiple sides, multiple perspectives, and multiple ideas.

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