About the Goddess

I was born in Chicago, Illinois, at the very beginning of the 1980s. I spent the first fourteen years of my life there, and then my family moved to a very small town (well, how small is “small” when you come from the third-largest city in the country?) in Oklahoma. I’ve spent all the years since then either trying to forget, dreaming of going back, or actively making plans. So far, nothing has worked (I don’t count the three crazy months I spent with former friends in a Chicago suburb, because that didn’t work very well either), but I refuse to give up. I will make it home someday!

I spent four years as an 11th grade English teacher. I chose the career out of desperation (the list of other jobs I’ve had is immense), but I stayed because I discovered a passion for teaching. I’ve recently finished my Master’s degree in English Composition and Rhetoric, and my ultimate goal is a Ph.D. and a full-time tenured position as a First-Year Composition director (I hope my graduate faculty advisor doesn’t see this – I don’t want him to think I’m after his job! And I’m not; I want one of my own).

Three days before Christmas in 2010, I married a loving, lovable, amazing man. He is a brave, albeit clumsy knight, but I’m a “princess” cut from the same cloth as Merida from the Disney movie “Brave” – to make a long story short, we suit each other right down to the ground.

In October of 2003, less than a month after my beloved grandfather passed away, I adopted a small calico-colored ball of fur and purrs. Cleopatra and I have been fiercely devoted to each other almost since the beginning, and I can’t imagine my life without her in it.

In June of 2014, another furbaby joined our family. Madelyn is a small cat with a huge personality; I’m not sure we’ll ever completely get used to her Tortie-tude!

This page is a work in progress. Please check back often for more Heavenly Musings, and please leave comments!

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  1. GAF

    party on, Wayne; party on, Garth; party on, Liz; party on, Rob; mew on, Cleo!

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