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Meta-Post: What Has Liz Been Up To?

My goodness! I didn’t realize it had been so long since I’d posted. Bad Liz! No cookie for you!

The realization that I hadn’t checked in over here in awhile naturally begs the question of “Why?” and I have a not-great-but-understandable reason: I’ve been busy! My last post was last May, and around the first of June, my Day Job announced that our project was wrapping up, and layoffs would be on the way. This, of course, sent me into Super Panic Mode, and many, many balls were dropped while I scrambled to find another Day Job. Fortunately, I succeeded: In late July, I was hired by a local community college as an Adjunct Professor of English, and in mid-August, the same school brought me on full-time to direct their tutoring program! Tutoring is the standard 40 hours per week, and teaching is a nominal 10 hours (“nominal” because I’m teaching English Composition; no way will I get everything done in ten hours per week). So let’s see: 40+10=50, then add in the 45-minute commute each way…lemme see here…that’s about 60 hours or so per week. Whew!! No wonder I haven’t had much time or energy for blogging!

However, I just renewed my domain for another year, and (as always), that should inspire a lot more writing from me. There’s a lot going on currently that is worthy of discussion and analysis (as always), and I’ve been making some more time to read lately (which could mean book reviews might be a new feature). This all aside from the fact that I’m going to be thirty-six this year (which means I’ll have been a legal adult for exactly half my life; yes, there are plenty of mixed feelings surrounding this event).

I’m going to keep this short and sweet, so I can save my typing fingers for more interesting topics.

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