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Writing for Money

In direct defiance of my stated rules (which can be found here), this post isn’t particularly timely. Everything I’m going to talk about happened awhile ago – some of it quite a few years ago. It’s still on my mind, though; I thought of it just a few moments ago while working on some housecleaning chores, and I had some new insights that I thought merited an essay. After all, these are my rules, and I know them like a pro, so I can break them like an artist.

I’ve been thinking lately – I’m not entirely sure why – about the phenomenon of crowdfunding, especially as it relates to writing. I’ve contributed to several crowdfunded writing projects that have “made it,” and I’ve pledged to several others that have not. I have no doubt I’ll do it again; these crowdfunding projects are often the only way I get to read cool stuff that I want to read.

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A New Celtic Earworm

One of the best parts of my job is that we are allowed (and even encouraged) to listen to music while we work. Of course, I’ve listened to all sorts of albums in a variety of genres, as my tastes are somewhat eclectic, but I’ve also spent time listening to Pandora and catching up on podcasts. I’ve had trouble working and listening to spoken-word podcasts and staying focused on my work, but I’ve had fun listening to music-based shows. One of my favorites is The Irish and Celtic Music Podcast; I don’t love every song, but in the time I’ve been listening, there have been six¬†songs that I’ve liked well enough to purchase (that doesn’t seem like a lot, but I’m really picky about what I’ll buy, since I have other recordings of many traditional tunes – how many versions of “Calliope House/The Cowboy Jig” or “She Moves Through the Fair” does one person need, after all?). Continue reading

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