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Bullying and a One-Sided Sense of Intimacy

I doubt this will come as any sort of a surprise to anyone, but I’m a pretty big fan of The Big Bang Theory. I’ve come to the somewhat inevitable conclusion that I am, in fact, Sheldon Cooper in non-fictional form, and for the most part, it doesn’t bother me. I guess I finally am coming to terms with myself.

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An Open Letter to the Allopathic Medical Community

Dear Doctors,

As a member of the skeptical community, I know it must be difficult for you to deal with the fact that some people would rather seek medical advice from people who have not walked the hallowed halls of a traditional medical school. It must hurt your heart to know that some people who are sick may never get well because they put their trust in treatments that have not been proven to medical science to work. I know it hurts my heart to hear about children who are denied life-saving treatment because such treatment goes against the belief systems of the parents – and I’m not even a doctor! Right now, though, I’d like to look at “alternative” treatments that usually don’t involve life-or-death choices, such as chiropractic, offer some theories as to why people choose them, and give some suggestions for attracting these people back to your practices.

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Teaching and Learning in the Age of the Internet

One of the most interesting parts of returning to school after having taught is in watching my professors. Having spent four years on their side of the desk gives me an insight I don’t think I could have achieved any other way. Teaching is not something that can be explained, and it’s not something that can be understood without actually doing it. That experience has given me a unique perspective on my classes, and I know I’m learning more from observing my professors’ teaching styles than I am learning actual content in their classes.

Which isn’t to say that I’m not learning content – I’m learning a lot of content. I don’t even want to offer any examples, because the two classes I’m taking this semester are full to the brim of information that is new to me. It’s a credit to my professors that I’m able to absorb the new information as easily as I have been. What I find the most interesting, especially as it compares to my experiences ten years ago as an undergraduate, is the manner in which content is handled in the Internet Age.

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