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A Chicken-and-Egg Conundrum: Assessment Testing in the Workplace

Every time I hear any news about teachers and schools these days, everybody seems to be worried about standardized testing. Teachers and parents are upset because they feel that the strong emphasis on testing does not help students prepare for the Real World. As a teacher, and as a human being who is concerned for the future of this country, I strongly share their concern that testing is crowding learning out of education. I loathed taking time away from reading and writing to talk about how to take a multiple-guess test. However, recent events have caused me to begin a deeper consideration of the idea that life is not about filling in bubbles on a multiple-guess test. I am not for one instant arguing that filling in bubbles should be an important skill in life, but I am starting to think that it is, in fact, a valuable skill for a person to have.

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