In the Beginning…

…was a girl, and the girl is me.

How to summarize thirty-two busy years, so that we’re all on the same page here? I’m not sure, really. So I’m going to cheat a bit, and copy something from my Facebook profile that may provide some insight. Because I can never seem to let well enough alone (more on that later), I’ve done a bit of updating as well.

* “You say ‘geek’ like it’s a bad thing.” Well, it’s not!

* I have the patience of a toddler who needs a nap and a spanking – that is to say, absolutely none at all.

* I’m a displaced Chicagoan who’s been living in Oklahoma since 1994 (but I still consider Chicago to be my true home).

* I’m a Master’s candidate in English Composition and Rhetoric. I plan to get my Ph.D. and teach Freshman Composition.

More Liz Than You Ever Wanted…

I took the inspiration for this section from The Snake Oil Wars, a Parke Godwin novel – this was the format for his biographical notes. Enjoy!

Born: 13 July 1980, Chicago, IL. Blood: O Positive. Hair: Reddish Brown. Eyes: Greenish Blue.

Allergies: Penicillin, coconut, cigarette smoke, MSG, Neutra-Sweet, people who refuse to think, question, or read.

Religious Affiliation: Baptized (1980) and confirmed (1994) in the Church of the Three Crosses, Chicago, Illinois. Confirmed (2011) Roman Catholic. Often identify as an atheist for the shock value. Truthfully, falls somewhere between an Agnostic and a Deist. Not tempermentally suited to formal organized religion; will perpetually be a seeker of truth in all its forms.

Education: Associate of Arts in Psychology, three semesters of Journalism in Professional Writing, Bachelor of Arts in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing and a minor in Philosophy. I ran on their treadmill, but they never taught me much. Fortunately I already knew how to think, because it wasn’t offered. I’ve also got a teaching certificate, for four areas of secondary education, but I’ve retired from that to pursue my Master’s degree in English Composition and Rhetoric. Am determined that my students will learn the Secrets of the Academic Universe.

Marital Status: Married to Robert Nalagan. First Date: December 22, 2009. Engagement: March 12, 2010. Marriage: December 2, 2010. Generally happy, with periods of intense concern for finances.

Politics: Firmly believe that people are smart enough to make their own choices and should be allowed to do so, despite all evidence to the contrary (and if they can’t, they should be allowed to self-destruct as quickly and humanely as possible), but I also believe people have an obligation to help those less fortunate than themselves. Fiscally conservative, but socially liberal to the point of anarchy (see first point).

Passions: Books and music, pepperoni pizza with extra cheese, cats in general, my cat in specific, Pep-O-Mint Lifesavers, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, philosophical discussion.

Dislikes: People who talk a lot but don’t say anything important, people who enjoy ignorance, people who are closed-minded, and most vegetables.

Regrets: Very few. Sometimes inadvertently hurt people’s feelings. Missed chances to tell people to go to hell. Often called my brother names. Occasional bouts of poor impulse control. Often fearful, but am trying to root that out.

Disposition: Moody. Can tend to tears one moment and laughter the next. At times painfully lonely, especially in crowds. Cynical about many things, including Big Brother, most government, most news organs, and people who don’t read. Tends to lash out at small-minded people with illusions of superiority. Usually grumpy first thing in the morning, but disdains caffeine (officially. Unofficially, I’m a Tazo Zen addict). Stubborn.

Salient Faults: Often a know-it-all (but usually correct). Lectures others on how to behave, but does not follow own advice. Eats far too much junk food. Usually tries to ignore injustice rather than acting, especially within familial relationships. Often a workaholic.

Work Habits: Tends to work best in long stretches. Worries endlessly if copy is acceptable and interesting – revises ceaselessly. Also messy if writing in longhand, and tends to lose things, but spiritually at one with computers, which is wonderful. INCREDIBLY hard-working, to the point of obsession; cares intensely about anything which will bring monetary gain, as does not like being poor. Willing to delay gratification for larger rewards later.

Current – as of 5 March 2013: Master’s Candidate in English Composition and Rhetoric. Concentrating on argumentative writing in composition and science fiction in literature. Have written two papers on Robert A. Heinlein’s Stranger in a Strange Land of which I am particularly proud. Happily married; childless by choice. Beginning this blog to have a place to share thoughts with people who don’t necessarily have Facebook.

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